9 years ago I retired from a 30 plus year career as a fund manager in the City. I maintain my professional interests through membership of Boards, advisory work and some financial journalism. I also decided to take up Photography - as a hobby to start with. 9 years later I can say I have been promoted to 'enthusiast'

My only aim is to take beautiful pictures. Pictures of subjects or themes that just hit me - or pictures of themes that are important to me; for example:-

Adventure TravelAdventure Travel – Since I retired I wanted to see the world. Not very original, I know. But I wanted to see it in a way that would help me keep fit and young. So I have done things like climb Kilimanjaro, walk 1,000 miles around the UK, cycle round Tuscany and the perimeter of Cyprus, and walk the Inca Trail. They have taken me to far flung places and allowed me to experience life and beauty up close and personal. Further challenges are in the pipeline as long as I keep fit.

SunsetI am trying to take the perfect sunset - I have a house in Cyprus that faces west over the sea. Most nights we get spectacular sunsets - I can see them with my eyes; the colour contrast between sea, sky and land; the changing shadows across the landscape; and the changing colours depending on how low the sun is and the climate on the horizon. Despite having a modern, versatile camera, I have yet to capture the magnificence of these nightly spectacles.

Cypriot buildingThe Spirit of Cyprus - I am originally from Cyprus. It is my ancestral home and it has changed enormously in the past 40 years since the troubles of 1974 destroyed the economy and uprooted more than half the population. Change has been rapid. I want to look through this transformation and capture in photographs the essence of Cyprus through its traditions, its people and its anachronisms.

GranddaughterSophia Rosa - Sophia Rosa is my granddaughter. Here she is 9 months old and, like all grandchildren, perfect. Even at such a young age she has many faces depending if awake or asleep, if crying or smiling, if concentrating or sleepy. No picture is good enough.

These are some of my current obsessions. I am sure others will come and go. Where am I in my photographic journey? As Socrates said, I know enough to know I don't know - how to turn these subjects into beautiful pictures? Light is important, critical in fact, but is there enough? How to deal with the contrast between shadows, reflected, artificial and bright daylight? How does different light quality effect colour? Etc. I have also learnt that the creative process is key, in particular at the time of the shot, but also later back in the digital studio.

I know enough to know that this is not enough. I want to learn more – to give me a chance of taking that perfect sunset; of capturing the majesty of man and the planet on which he lives; of triggering nostalgic emotions in response to scenes of Cyprus, and to produce a portrait of a little girl that will convey the emotions of a doting grandfather. Your help is more than welcomed.